Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 422 Manufacture of transportation equipment


Gaining absolute trust from customers with our advanced plastic forming technologies mainly for press working, and our technology development capabilities for industrial deodorizing systems

Address 11 Tenno, Takaokashinmachi, Toyota, Aichi 473-0921 JAPAN
Tel +81-565-52-2111

■Company Outline

In the area of automotive components, KONDO KOGYO Co., Ltd. produces exterior components for luxury cars based on our technology for pressing stainless steel sheets of 0.2 to 1 mm thickness. In the area of environmental devices, we are the largest supplier of industrial deodorizing systems in Japan. In addition, we construct multilevel self-parking garages and sell carports and related products, thus offering a wide range of services and solutions to meet different customer needs.

■Main Products


automotive exterior and engine components


industrial air pollution systems

■Core Competence

Japan’s largest supplier of deodorizing systems
Bad odors, one of the three worst pollution problems, are difficult to remove.
In 1973, KONDO KOGYO was the first in the industry to develop a catalytic oxidizer that activates a catalyst for oxidation at relatively low temperatures, and we are now the largest supplier of this type of system in Japan.
In 2000, we developed a regenerative thermal oxidizer for more energy conservation. This system recovers 95 percent of the exhaust heat, thus drastically reducing running costs and CO2 emissions compared to conventional models.
We also provide a direct thermal oxidizer, a VOC concentrator and thermal oxidizer, and other systems to help eliminate bad odors generated in various conditions.