Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 603 Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products

Mutumi Chemistry Industry Co., Ltd.

 We provide functional packaging with stable quality and reliable safety.

Address 144 Ukino, Nishi, Nagoya, Aichi 452-0846 JAPAN, Aichi 452-0846 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-502-2505

■Company Outline

We provide functional packaging for food and medical uses which meets our customer's needs. Our main processing machines are designed by ourselves. We provide you with safe and reliable products, using safe raw materials and our sure technology.

■Main Products

1) Rice Pack:
Absorbs steam of boiled rice quickly and keeps the rice away from steam turning back and prevents boiled rice becoming sticky and sodden, which keeps the taste of rice for many hours.

2) Airmic:
Prevents dews on the foods when re-heated by microwave oven as it consists of functional sheets in four layers.

3) Bakery Pack:
Absorbs steam of the bread hot from the oven quickly and prevents the steam to turn back, which keeps the taste of newly baked bread.

4) Oil/Water Resistant Bag:
Prevents exudation of oil and water of the food, as it is composed with polypropylene extrusion coated paper.

■Core Competence

[1] As our main processing machines are designed by ourselves and are adaptable for wide variety of products, we can always put new suggestions to our customers.                                                                              [2] We always make new proposals based on our direct interview to our end customers.                                                                           [3] Almost all of our patents are commercialized, for example, "Rice Pack" and "Airmic" are our own products which any other manufacturer can not produce.                                                                            [4] We are very proud of our technology to extrusion-coat polyolefines in thin layer, for example 6 microns of polyethylene, on thin paper or thin non-woven fabric.                                                                      [5] Usually we work 8 hours a day, but we work in two shifts even an office worker when we are busy.                                                                                          
[6] We can respond quickly to the requests of our customers because more than 150 items of our trial products are kept in our hands.