Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 018 Manufacture of non-ferrous metals and products 


A manufacturer and precision producer of aluminum die casts for parts of electric tools, OA machines and automobiles

Address 52 Kosaka, Haruki, Togo, Aichi 470-0162 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-38-4881

■Company Outline

ATSUTA is an aluminum die casting manufacturer for parts of electric tools, OA equipment, automobiles, small engines, etc., and takes pride in its high-precision aluminum die cast technique with zero draft that does not require post-machining. Atsuta promotes the development of new usages of die casting, with this technique as the core.

■Main Products

Aluminum die casting and precision processing for parts of electric tools, air tools, OA equipment, optical equipment, small engines, sewing machines, and automobiles.


■Core Competence

High-accuracy pressured thin aluminum die cast without secondary machining
Based on our long experience, we aim for a sophistication of techniques suitable for the small-volume production of a variety of types, and have developed our own technique, “H.A.D.,” or “high-accuracy die casting.”
H.A.D. is based on the idea of “taking out of the mold before shrinkage occurs.” H.A.D. is an innovative technique with zero draft, and has broken through conventional thinking in the industry. This technique is to realize commercial production and to omit secondary machining, maintaining the same accuracy as precision processing in dimension and geometric tolerance.
H.A.D. has been attracting attention in various areas as it does not require secondary machining. Therefore, it is suitable for products with complicated shapes that require high accuracy, especially when manufacturing parts are hard to process.