Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0133 Manufacture of food


Oil and fat manufacturer, holding the largest market share for corn oil

Address 28 Shimo-Araoi, Fukuoka, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0825 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-51-9521

■Company Outline

OHTA OIL MILL focuses on people- and environment-friendly production processes. The company developed its own vegetable oil manufacturing technology and has the largest share of the corn oil market in Japan. OHTA develops gardening products made from pomace oil residue and unique functional food products to meet health-conscious trends.

■Main Products

Ohta Oil Mill holds the largest market share in corn oil and perilla oil (Japanese basil oil) that is attracting attention as healthy oil. Oily seasoning that confined flavor of nature in oil. Furthermore, we have also been producing fertilizer and animal feed products using the by-product of oil manufacturing.
Ohta Oil Mill has been developing seafood products such as various seaweeds, it is said it is sanatory and has also been supporting those who have children suffering allergy problems through the distribution of snacks and retort food products paint oil etc. the nature systems are sold.

■Core Competence

The largest market share in corn oil and perilla oil
Ohta Oil Mill has developed the know-how for oil production over 100 years, taking pride in its technologies. Based on our experience, we have also developed flexible methods for developing new oil products required by people and society. Our strength is the fact that we focus on product manufacturing. The foundations of manufacturers are said to be high quality, ensurement of fine materials, appropriate cost systems, and stable product supply. Our achievement as the top manufacturer of corn oil and our flexible/challenging experiences in extracting various oil materials have allowed us to secure the necessary systems in the new era of oil. We take pride in being able to provide special small-lot oil products for customers as well as responding to mass-production commodities and oil.