Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 225 Manufacture of food


Japan's only specialized manufacturer of shiro-shoyu soy sauce, in Hekinan City, the home of this special ingredient , with the development of shiro-dashi

Address 2-7 Yamagami, Hekinan, Aichi 447-0869 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-92-5213

■Company Outline

HICHIFUKU BREWING is the only company in Japan whose shiro-shoyu soy sauce brewing plant is organic-JAS certified. Wheat accounts for 90% of the raw material used to produce shiro-shoyu soy sauce. The amber-colored product keeps intact the colors of other ingredients as they cook. HICHIFUKU BREWING also manufactures shiro-dashi (a combination of shiro-shoyu soy sauce and broth of carefully selected dried bonito, kelp (konbu), and mushrooms (shiitake)).

■Main Products

225_s01.jpgChoice shiro-dashi "Shiki no Aya"
Shiro-shoyu produced in an organic-JAS certified plant is carefully combined with "Hon-gare Bushi (Makurazaki (Kyushu)-produced dried bonito is molded 3 times)," Oita-produced "Donko Shiitake," and Hokkaido-produced konbu are used to make shiro-dashi. This product is suitable for all kinds of dishes (Japanese, Western, and Chinese) and compliments color/taste/flavor of all ingredients.

■Core Competence

We conduct activities to provide beneficial products for adults and children around the world.
We emphasize our will (our heart) to satisfy customers, and have been conducting various proactive training programs to enrich our employees’ heart. These programs include environmental improvement (since 1987), choral practice (since 1990), road cleanup (since 1991), early morning meetings on the global environment (since 1995), global village lecture meetings (since 1990), a 100 km walking competition (since 1996), school toilet cleaning (since 1997), and tree thinning (since 2005).