Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 123 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Rinnai Corporation

World-class manufacturer of integrated heating appliances

Address 2-26 Fukuzumi, Nakagawa, Nagoya, Aichi 454-0802 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-361-8211

■Company Outline

Since its establishment in 1920, Rinnai Corporation has been committed to manufacturing/technology and contributing to improving lifestyles through its heat energy equipment. Rinnai has established the top domestic market share in the gas appliance area and is currently expanding global business development to 16 countries around the world.

■Main Products

In the kitchen appliance area, Rinnai manufactures and distributes tabletop stoves, built-in ranges, rice cookers, ovens, and dishwashers. We are promoting product development aiming to improve safety and energy conservation.

In hot water units, we manufacture and distribute Japanese-style bath heating systems, hot-water heaters and dual hot-water/heating units. We are also developing amenity products to realize environmentally friendly highly efficient water heaters and comfortable bath space.

In air-conditioning and heating units, Rinnai manufactures and distributes fan heaters, infrared stoves, and power flue heaters. Recently, we have been developing floor heating systems and bathroom heating/drying machines using hot water.

In 2010, Rinnai introduced ECO ONE, a hybrid hot-water and heating system that combines gas and electricity at an optimal level. ECO ONE is a world-class, top-level product boasting energy-saving, environment-friendly and economical features and lending itself to the creation of comfortable surroundings. The lineup has been enhanced since the system debuted, and going forward, Rinnai will direct effort toward higher sales of ECO ONE while promoting widespread use of Eco-Jozu, a high energy-efficiency hot-water unit, and thereby contribute to a better global environment.

■Core Competence

With the policy “providing a comfortable life with heat energy,” Rinnai has always been developing high level heat technology since its establishment. Based on the core technologies including gas combustion/heat exchange technology and fluid/electronic control technology, Rinnai has developed high quality and high functional heat equipment. Furthermore, we have been committed to “hand made tools (in-house developed technologies)” in manufacturing through the design/manufacture of various production facilities/molds and the establishment of original processing/production systems. Based on such firm technologies for manufacturing, we are currently further advancing safety technology and environmental technology to establish original innovative technologies that lead the next generation.