Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0811 Manufacture of chemical and allied products

Nagoya Aerosol Co., Ltd.

From the stages of planning, research and development, and to the manufacturing of aerosol products such as sprays and liquid solutions offered in various forms, we will respond to low-volume orders with speedy and efficient production.

Address 1628-1 Nakakawara, Ochiai, Aisai, Aichi 496-0909 JAPAN
Tel +81-567-31-3268

■Company Outline

This company was established in 1959 and since then, 'From the range of planning, research and development, and to manufacturing throughout' as our catch-phrase, the Company has accumulated many years' manufacturing knowhow and technology of aerosol solutions, as well as in cosmetic product development that always kept pace with the needs of the age. Handling of low-volume production but also a wide-range of products - is the area where we most specialize in, which enables and smoothens our way into the market especially when launching new products.

■Main Products

From cosmetics, quasi-pharmaceutical products, homecare goods, to industrial and automotive solutions, our products cover a wide range of fields, and which are also supplied on OEM and/or ODM basis. To bring out the best features of each product, smart packages and containers are designed as suiting best to either aerosol solutions (fillers for spraying agents) or to liquid formulas. Our most emphasis is laid on the cosmetics and quasi-pharmaceutical products.


■Core Competence

Cleansing solutions for air-conditioners that we developed in cooperation with the main brand manufacturer and also jointly applied for patent registration was the first ever (of its kind) in the world. As this product sold remarkably well, it has won the Encouragement Award from Japan's Director General of the Science and Technology Agency, and then awarded another two consecutive years for the Protective Cover Spray products (removing type). Also for use in the areas of forensic finger-palm print identifications practiced by the national police departments in their criminal labs, currently six more applications are in patent pending. Regarding the Cracking Foam which is already patent-registered, it was produced by a shaker equipment originally developed by ourselves until a stable, sure product was perfected. Product designs and development can be done within shorter periods of time, and also low-volume productions are always possible not only with the liquid solutions but with our aerosol manufactures just as well.