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Certification No. 0051 Manufacture of chemical and allied products

Futaba Chemical Co., Ltd.

The top manufacturer of body soap for businesses

Address 390 Okita, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0825 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-471-1111

■Company Outline

Futaba Chemical is a manufacturer that has created a market for body soap for businesses. Futaba Chemical is particular about using natural herbal raw materials. Futaba Chemical has developed aloe body soap, and structured a new bath system, “experience” marketing and other new sales systems. Futaba Chemical occupies a large share of the market for body soap for resort facilities nationwide.

■Main Products


Aloe BS


Quick Applicator


Tea Body

■Core Competence

Futaba Chemical is particular about using natural herbal raw materials, and is manufacturing safe and secure products that are environmental-friendly and human-friendly, under the concept of “naturalism.”
Futaba Chemical has a system of manufacturing and distribution that connects producers and users. This system is unique to Futaba Chemical and enables us to directly reflect customers’ needs and voice in our products.
Futaba Chemical has developed body soap from solid form to liquid, and liquid to foam. We are determined to use natural plants such as tea fruit, rice bran, and soymilk.
We have also created an “experience” marketing strategy, where customers can experience our “Leavl Aloe” products at a bath house or bathroom, and are able to purchase the product immediately after.
This effective sales system benefits hotels and Japanese inns as well as Futaba Chemical, gaining high appraisal.