Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 006 Manufacture of beverages, tobacco and feed

Aiya Co., Ltd.

The top Matcha maker with 45% of the domestic market share. Acquired ISO 9001, AIB (Superior), and organic

Address 15 Yokomachiyashiki, Kamimachi, Nishio, Aichi 445-0894 JAPAN
Tel +81-563-56-2233

■Company Outline

Aiya is the top Matcha producer in Japan with over 45% of shipment nationwide. The company produces Matcha based on a coherent management system involving joint research with Tencha(raw material of matcha)producers, cultivation management, grinding processing by stone mill, manufacturing control, and quality control. Aiya also introduces and spreads the Japanese tea culture to all over the world by distributing Matcha to America, Europe, and Asian countries.

■Main Products


Based on the motto "safety, security, and trust," Aiya focuses on the production of Matcha for food processing, as well as the production of Matcha for the traditional tea ceremony. We are able to provide various types of Matcha, for confectionery production, frozen deserts, or beverages, depending on customer needs. Aiya has also acquired organic certifications for organic Matcha products, which resulted in sales in the global market. Organic powdered green tea is gaining attention nationally and globally. Similarly to our existing products, we are manufacturing Matcha for various purposes including the tea ceremony and for food processing.

■Core Competence

Currently, Aiya is producing and distributing Matcha based on its traditional stone mill grinding method and its strict quality control system.
Green tea is ground by stone in a clean room. We do not only specialize in Matcha for the tea ceremony, but also provide various Matcha products for food processing. Our company is highly appraised by different industries and businesses areas. Furthermore, Aiya is the first Matcha maker to develop organic Matcha that has received significant global attention as a food material during recent years. Our organic Matcha complies with the Organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) certification and the IMO organic certification in the U.S. and Europe. Aiya has also acquired other certifications and authentication including ISO 9001 and AIB Food Safety (Superior) in order to further provide safe Matcha.
We are able to purchase safe ingredients stably due to the direct supply system from contracted farmers. As a result, our products completely satisfy with traceability and the positive list, both of which are attracting attention.