About Aichi Quality

Aichi Quality Company

Aichi prefecture, Japan’s “Manufacturing Kingdom,” in an effort to promote the strength of regional companies to the world and garner global recognition for the region’s manufacturing capabilities, certifies superior manufacturing companies in the prefecture as Aichi Quality Companies.

Certification of Aichi Quality

Aichi Prefecture will certify superior manufacturing companies within the prefecture as "Aichi Quality Companies" and work to make opportunities to broadly publicized these companies.

In 2002 the Aichi Quality Review Committee designated "high-quality," a "customer-first principle" and "environmental considerations" as the general qualities intrinsic to Aichi's manufacturing companies. The committee began carefully examining manufacturing companies in the prefecture, and after defining the requirements for Aichi Quality Companies, began granting certifications to companies in 2003.

Aichi Prefecture will continue to investigate the inherent values, that is to say, core competencies, of manufacturing companies within the prefecture, and further publicize this, the brand essence of manufacturing sector in Aichi.

Overall project concept chart

Aichi Quality Symbol

Aichi Quality Symbol MarksThis symbol marks the high quality of Aichi's manufacturing companies.
The mark is a stylized letter A, for Aichi, that evokes the geography of prefecture, which embraces the sea. It also appears to be a figure soaring in flight, which is representative of the achievements of Aichi's companies in their core competencies.