Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 501 List of industrial classificationManufacture of transportation equipment


UTSUNO is a manufacturer of consistently high quality automotive parts. The following are our strong points: (a) pipe-bending (b) welding the bonded portion between the above (a) and thin sheet metal

Address 1-75 Shiratsuchi, Haruki, Togo, Aichi 470-0162 JAPAN, Aichi 470-0162 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-802-1011

■Company Outline

We specialize in pipe-bending and in welding the bonded areas between the bent pipe and thin sheet metal. A finished car consists of about 30,000 parts, and the products we manufacture (about 100 in total) are utilized by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, our main customer. Our primary products (filler neck gaskets) are loaded not only in made-in-Japan vehicles but also in the vehicles of foreign finished-car manufacturers.

■Main Products

Our filler neck gasket is a prime example of the pipe-bending technique. This is the pipe that connects the fill port to the gasoline tank. It requires know-how in the areas of fill-port screw-cutting, pipe bending, and welding of related parts (see the following cell).
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■Core Competence

Our know-how is concentrated in the following three areas: 1) screw cutting of pipes, 2) pipe expansion, and 3) welding jigs. We have cultivated these technologies and know-how over many years of in-house manufacturing. Our filler neck gasket is loaded in all Mitsubishi Motor Corporation vehicles (except low displacement cars). Some Isuzu and Mazda cars made in Thailand also feature our neck filler gasket.