Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 446 Manufacture of transportation equipment

Tomei Industries Co., Ltd.

A company engaged in assembling aircraft and space appliances and in designing and manufacturing testing systems for the aerospace, automotive, and railway industries. The company also offers integrated logistics services

Address 2-11 Shinkatanaike, Chita, Aichi 478-0069 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-54-1881

■Company Outline

Tomei Industries Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive services through three divisions:
Aerospace: Assembling and installing airframes and related devices
System product: Designing and manufacturing testing systems, simulators, and other devices for research and development
Logistics: Implementing logistics support such as test, package, inspection and distribution.

■Main Products

The Aerospace Division assembles and installs main wings, airframes, doors, and structural components. The System Product Division provides proprietary material fatigue testing systems, automatic cartoners for reinforced cardboard, four wheel-drive and steering motor platform trucks, and other devices. The Division also designs and manufactures tailored testing systems and others devices for various industries. Under the principle of quick and effective operations, the Logistics Division provides special packaging for aerospace and other precision equipment, and undertakes receiving inspections, assembling, tests, packing, and distribution of imported automotive components. The Division also develops automatic cartoners for reinforced cardboard.

■Core Competence

Established in 1973, Tomei Industries has three divisions and two affiliated companies and promotes the business with the characteristics of each organization. We work closely with and support the aerospace industry and also provide integrated services from design to delivery and a variety of technologies for all industries. We are a leading aircraft builder with ISO9001 and JISQ9100 (aerospace equipment quality control standards) certifications, having six plants and 750 employees in Aichi. Our system products are electrically, hydraulically, and pneumatically driven. We design and manufacture testing systems and controllers, offering our accumulated technical know-how and skills and professional consultations to the aerospace, automotive, and railway industries. Our logistics services meet the specific packaging criteria for aerospace equipment. In addition, we actively use reinforced cardboard for packaging to reduce the environmental impact.