Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 418 Manufacture of transportation equipment


Japan’s leading manufacturer of small springs for automobiles

Address 1 Hiruike, Haruki, Togo, Aichi 470-0162 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-38-1111

■Company Outline

Established in 1881, TOGO SEISAKUSYO CORPORATION, Japan’s leading manufacturer of small springs for motor vehicles, offers products that meet customers’ needs, with its new material and product development capabilities and technologies to produce higher quality products more quickly at lower cost.

■Main Products

Wire springs:
・ Compression springs: Engine valve springs, automatic transmission damper springs
・ Tension springs: Brake shoe return springs, pedal return springs
・ Others: Torsion springs, wire forming
Flat springs:
・ Hose clamps, pad support for disc brake, interior and exterior clips
Plastic fasteners:
・ Molding clips, wire harness fasteners, quick connectors
Assembly products:
・ Spring sub-assembly products for automatic transmission, Electronic components





■Core Competence

TOGO SEISAKUSYO CORPORATION, a specialized manufacturer of small springs for automobiles, takes advantage of its comprehensive technologies for the development, design, production, and sales of products to provide all kinds of high-performance, high-quality, and heavy-duty vehicle springs. Our products include engine valve and automatic transmission springs, hose clamps to join a hose to a pipe, plastic fasteners to fix exterior molding components, and wire harnesses.
We produce more than 900 million hose clamps a year and be proud of the largest share of Japan’s market. TOGO SEISAKUSYO has hose clamp production bases in Japan, North America, Thailand, and Germany, enabling us to quickly ship them to any country throughout the world.