Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 229 Manufacture of transportation equipment


A company committed to serving society through sound insulation and vibration-damping materials and environment-related products

Address 1-3 Hinakita, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0911 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-25-2121

■Company Outline

SEKISO manufactures resin-molded products, vibration-damping and sound insulation materials, and fiber molds for automobile manufacturers. In particular, the company develops parts for automobiles by means of double-wall blow molding and porous intake ducts that do not require silencers.

■Main Products

Fiber mold (environmental)
Porous duct (noise reduction)
Engine cover (sound insulation)
Blow molding product (integrated)

We are characterized by products such as above developed with wisdom and innovative ideas.

■Core Competence

Porous ducts are the best solution for noise reduction in all vehicles
Intake ducts are used to send air to the automobile engine. Porous ducts that are lighter and less-costly were developed to reduce noise coming from the intake duct by removing the conventionally-used resonator (silencer). “Porous” here means spongy, and air permeability is the key to design because myriad holes absorb sound or pressure. With the sound specification proposed by customers, Sekiso will advance development (design), evaluation (sound evaluation), and design (pressure loss), using its unique simulation program.
Currently, we are the only manufacturer of such products in Japan and have two competitors in the world. Our high technology can be seen in the independent manufacturing facilities.