Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 911 Manufacture of transportation equipment

Chunichi Seiko Co., Ltd.

Consistent processing steering gear and transmission gear from the process of machinery, the heat treatment, the grinding to completion.

Address 14-1 Honohara 3chome Toyokawa-city, Aichi, Japan 442-8510, Aichi 442-8510 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-84-1411

■Company Outline

Stick to home manufacture without the advance to overseas and manufacture the precise and particular gear by the equipment remade uniquely and technical capability.
The torque sensor shaft for Electronically power cycles, the turning bevel gear for car steering and so on have a large share.
Produced the gears of “Sennen Tokei” (One thousand years Clock) with the woody molding made of waste-wood at Expo 2005 AICHI, JAPAN and advanced the field of environment.

■Main Products

The torque sensor shaft by minute and precise form rolling prosessing is used for Electronically power cycles as a sensor to drive the assist motor by changing the fluctuation of torque that is exerted to the shaft to the electrical signal.
Because the safety and the feel are important for the steering gear of wheel to guard person's life, it is used by Non-backlash and is required the durability and high quality.
Differential Reducer is used for the roller for rolling at ironworks, the reducer of the driving shaft of the roller for the printing machine and the ride in Tokyo Disneyland.
The woody molding made of waste-wood is effective in drawing out the clear sound, so it is used for the insulator of speraker.

■Core Competence

Have a large share in the torque sensor shaft for Electronically power cycles and the turning bevel gear for car steering.
【Environmental business】
Produced the wooden insulator of speaker that is made of waste-wood and mold the wood flour that is smashed by heat press with high temperature after the treatment of steam with high temperature and high pressure for the first time in the world.
Then it is sold by the maker of sound's production, received the Pure Audio Grand prix on AV REVIEW Magazine 2008 and the long-time seller prize on Audio Accessory Magazine 2011.
【Particular gear business】
Secure a large share of manufacture of the home parts of car by the minute and precise rolling gear, processing of steering pinion gear of car by skiving and manufacture of spiral bevel gear.
Besides,manufacture the particular differential reducer used for the machine that need the control of tension, for example the roller for rolling at ironworks and the roller for the printing machine.