Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 406 Manufacture of transportation equipment


A specialized manufacturer of components for engine valve operating systems

Address 10 Hamadashimo,Nakabata,Nishio, Aichi 444-0392 JAPAN
Tel +81-563-59-6481

■Company Outline

As a manufacturer specialized in components for engine valve operating systems, OTICS Corporation aims to become a truly international “consultative-oriented company" accepted by Toyota and other world-leading automobile manufacturers as their equal partner.

■Main Products

・ Precision functional components for automobile engines (roller rocker arm, lash adjuster, valve lifter, rocker shaft assembly, cam housing, balance shaft assembly, belt tensioner, common rail)

・ Drive-train components

・ Motor-sport components
・ Specialized machine tools


■Core Competence

OTICS’s competence is characterized by positive and highly motivated employees, uncompromising product manufacturing, and continuous communication with customers.
? Our strength lies in our consultative product development capability and machine and process development skills, as well as an integrated system for manufacturing key components from materials to finished products. Developed based on those competitive advantages, almost all our valve lifters are used for the engine valve operating systems that Toyota produces throughout the world.
? OTICS has a high reputation in the automotive industry: we have been awarded a Quality Control Prize, a Technical Control Prize, and a Cost Improvement Prize by Toyota and a Quality Control Prize, a Vehicle Development Assistance Prize, and a Value Analysis and Engineering Prize by other auto manufacturers.