Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 309 Manufacture of transportation equipment


A specialized gear manufacturer that mass produces high-precision gears through automation technology

Address 1 Kami-hattanda, Mutsuguri, Kota, Aichi 444-0122 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-56-3511

■Company Outline

NAKAMURA GEAR & MACHINERY is a specialized manufacturer of gears, mainly for automatic transmissions. With a competitive edge in high-precision gear mass production technology, the company is a production volume leader in Japan.

■Main Products


Automotive gears
Automatic transmission gears
Manual transmission gears
Speed meter gears
Electronic equipment gears
Industrial mechanical gears

■Core Competence

Based on the Toyota Production System, NAKAMURA GEAR & MACHINERY has been working on the establishment of “automation” and “total production system” by applying our original concept “automation of one hour.” This concept represents our will to realize cost-effective “automation with human intervention” that is flexible to order volume, by using our originally-designed facilities. Such original facilities include “machine-to-machine” equipment such as stockers and carrier machines, and special equipment such as cleaning machines.

We have obtained ISO 9001 and 14000 to respond to expanding customers, and we are now preparing to achieve TS acquirement.

For human resource development, we are actively encouraging our employees to gain technical qualifications to achieve our goal “to make all our employees into qualified workers.” We are also implementing policy developing activities and improvement circle activities to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and systems.

In the future, we will expand into the global market and make every effort to be a top manufacture of high quality small gears.