Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 701 Manufacture of transportation equipment


A manufacturer of automobile parts specializing in high level pressing/welding/electrodeposition coating technology

Address 1. TOHARA, SHINODA, AMA-SHI, Aichi 490-1298 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-444-1551

■Company Outline

MIWA SEISAKUSHO manufactures of automobile parts through high-precision welding technology and plastic forming technology for parts that are difficult to process. We produce large auto body parts (rear underbody parts, etc.) and underbody parts (cross members, etc.) through an integrated manufacturing system including pressing, welding assembly, and electrodeposition coating.

■Main Products

Our main products, cross members, are the parts that fix a suspension system onto the vehicle. Cross members are categorized as important security parts, meaning they are directly associated with driver safety due to the fact that malfunctioning or damaged security parts greatly impact the vehicle's safe operation. Consequently, the product requires strength and high durability. Our main production method is CO2 arc welding, which includes a device to minimize product deformation caused by the heat of welding. 

Cross members, suspension arms



Rear underbody parts, auto body parts


■Core Competence

1. Plastic forming technology for parts that are difficult to process. MIWA SEISAKUSHO has a large pressing facility (1,200 tons, 1,000 tons), and manufactures light, high-strength products from high-tension steel plates that are difficult to form, using plastic forming (pressing).
2. High-precision welding technology. This technology minimizes material deformation, which can be problematic in welding, and also enables production of important security parts (underbody parts, etc.) that require safety/precision/durability.
3. Thick cation electrodeposition coating.
4. Pressing and welding assembly of large products based on hierarchical manufacturing system.
5. Quick delivery and low cost of products realized through an in-house integrated manufacturing system involving pressing, welding, electrodeposition coating, and assembly.
6. Low volume production of a wide variety of automobile service parts in press production. In the Tokai region, MIWA SEISAKUSHO has a 100% market share of automobile parts for Mitsubishi Motors.