Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 519 List of industrial classificationManufacture of transportation equipment


Through our consistently reliable production systems, we have been providing a range of metal products for automobiles for over 85 year. Our specialties include tool manufacturing, press stamping, weld assembly, and surface treatment.

Address 1418 Karaso, Muranaka, Komaki, Aichi 485-0082 JAPAN, Aichi 485-0082 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-73-3525

■Company Outline

We manufacture the full range of our tool products (stamping dies/design and production, weld assembly jigs and equipment) used for manufacturing metal products (fuel tanks and body parts for automobiles) with our integrated production system. Equipped with pressing machines of various sizes as well as many industrial robots, welding machines, and painting facilities, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients by means of a complete production system spanning metal stamping to surface treatment. In addition to all this, we also provide installation services.

■Main Products

We specialize in various kinds of fuel tanks and body parts for automobiles. The fuel tank is a critical component requiring special care, similarly to break system parts. To ensure safety, it is manufactured according to strict processes to meet sealing, loading/unloading, vibration, and durability tests. We also produce body/chassis parts such as the rear and front side members, which comprise the main longitudinal-direction members of the cars, and the cowl top and rear end cross members, which constitute the main members running in the crosswise direction. To ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, these parts incorporate the tremendous strength--and the solid technological foundation--to absorb the impact of a crash.



■Core Competence

We manufacture stamping dies and metal products (with our press stamping, weld assembly, and surface treatment processes) in-house. We enjoy the support of our group companies for process design, installation, and more for new production (assembly) lines. Benefiting from a synergistic effect with our group companies, we are able to meet all requirements of our clients in terms of quality, speed, price, etc. Regulations on safety and the environment related to the fuel tank?one of our main products?differ by country. Working jointly with other professional manufacturers, we have continued to develop materials and paints for the fuel tank to further improve the product and meet regulations. We also strive to maintain a high level of quality by implementing vibration and durability tests. Our products are supplied all over the world.