Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 428 Manufacture of transportation equipment


Use of cold forging techniques to produce vibration-damping brackets and precision gears for motor vehicles

Address 1 Shinmei,Kumabari, Nagakute, Aichi 480-1321 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-62-6888

■Company Outline

KONDO SEIKO CO., LTD. has its own production control system to trace the production history of each of our 1,500 types of products. Using our method (net shaping) to create precision components without heat treatment and additional machining, we mainly produce vibration-damping brackets. In the future, we will increase sales of precision gears, particularly to automobile manufacturers.

■Main Products

For motor vehicles: Vibration-damping brackets, suspension shafts and collars, engine sprockets and gears
For combined washer-dryers: Main shafts and speed reducers


■Core Competence

Net-shape precision cold forging

Net-shape forging is our area of expertise, with know-how ranging from materials to products:
1. Material property changes and adverse effects on products,
2. Relationships between material property changes and die life,
3. Workpiece deformation and its amount in forging and thermal processes that differ according to material components, and
4. Forging procedures (methods)
Thanks to these advantages, we are one of the few companies mass-producing precision forged products including sprockets, gears (bevel and spur gears), and gear pumps.