Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 157 Manufacture of transportation equipment

Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Independent automobile parts manufacturer, holding a large share of the market for automobile seat adjusters

Address 1 Kakihata, Inuyama, Aichi 484-8507 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-67-1211

■Company Outline

Imasen Electric Industrial successfully developed an auto horn in Japan in 1932. The company now produces a wide variety of mechanical and electric parts for automobiles, including seat adjusters, lamps, and relays. In addition, Imasen is actively engaged in developing hybrid products.

■Main Products

Automobile parts
<Mechanical parts>
Seat adjusters (to adjust seat positions), window regulators (up-and-down mechanism for automobile windows)
<Electric products>
Lamps (lighting), electronic units (electronic control equipment), relays (electric relays), horns (warning sound alarms)
Ashtrays, magnetic valves (exhaust brake valves, etc.), speed sensors (speed detectors), power latches (half-shut door prevention), etc.

■Core Competence

Imasen Electric Industrial is devoted to improving functions, quality, and cost of our core product, a seat adjuster. We have added variations (high/moderate strength types) to our round reclining adjusters and are supplying these products with our conventional adjusters to a number of automakers. Our approximate monthly production is 1,300,000 units supplied around the world.
For manual seat adjusters, Imasen has also developed the world first infinite adjusting rails and infinite adjusting reclining adjusters, and is currently promoting sales of these products.
The electronic unit is placed as our second core product, and we have been promoting product development of this unit. Imasen will further develop and provide high value added products by combining seat products with electronic technology.