Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 312 Manufacture of transportation equipment


World’s Top Manufacturer of Automotive Door Frames and Seat Rails using Roll Form technology.

Address 11 Saburo, Satomachi, Anjo, Aichi 446-0001 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-97-9281

■Company Outline

Since its Establishment, HISADA has earned customer loyalty through its founding principle, “Quality is the Lifeline of the Company.” Although HISADA is a medium-sized enterprise, it has taken the lead in developing operations on a global scale, branching out to countries in North America (Indiana, USA) and China (Tianjin).

■Main Products

Door Frame Pillar, Lower Frame, Division Bar and other Door-related components.
Seat Rail, Link Vertical, Head Rest and other Seat-related components.
Door Frame
Channel Roof Drip
Lower Frame Regulator Guide
Division Bar
Glass Channel
Link Vertical
Seat Rails
Slide Rail
Separator Core


■Core Competence

Roll Form technology which applies a process called “Plasticity” that can correspond to new materials.
This delicate Roll Form technique resembles “taking a sheet of aluminum foil in both hands and gradually squeezing it into the desired form.” In taking advantage of this technology, HISADA manufactures automobile components related to Doors and Seats and within the components manufactured by HISADA, the production volume of 「Door Frame Pillars」 and 「Division Bars」 is Number One in the World.
In addition HISADA has established the 「NVC Research Center」, an in-house development center, which represent the commitment to the “Only One” process technology.