Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 511 List of industrial classificationManufacture of transportation equipment


Integrated manufacturer of automotive suspension components

Address 13-3 Oshima, Kitasaki, Obu, Aichi 474-0001 JAPAN, Aichi 474-0001 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-46-5121

■Company Outline

HANYA SEISAKUSHO is an expert in manufacturing automotive suspension components, which are classified in the category of critical safety components. To help protect the environment, we were quick off the mark to work on high tensile strength steel sheet pressing and ultra-thin aluminum sheet pressing. Press forming of these types of metals is accompanied by significant difficulties. Our acquired expertise in this field allows us to receive an increasing number of new orders from throughout the automotive industry.

■Main Products

Seat cushions, instrument panels, oil pans, insulators, slide rail covers, brake pedals, cross members, trailing arms, front cross members, lower arms


■Core Competence

Automakers are putting cars on a diet, a trend that pushes suppliers to use lightweight and high-strength metal materials, which poses significant difficulties in molding products. With the most advanced press forming technology in the industry, we deal with ultra-high tensile strength steel sheets (greater than 980 MPa class tensile strength) and ultra-thin aluminum sheets (0.35 mm in thickness).
Automotive suspension components?our area of expertise?are mostly medium and large in size. We are well equipped to create any type of these products.
We also have technical know-how for molds and tools to minimize product deformation in the welding process.
Using a combination of our own developed manufacturing technologies with drawings, strength tests, and welding tests based on computer-graphics aided three-dimensional interactive application (CATIA) software, our integrated production system enables us to complete all operations in-house, including press forming, welding, painting, and assembling.