Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 610 Manufacture of transportation equipment


Precise stamping, press parts, concurrent engineering, autobomile parts, sheet metal forging, stacked core, inhouse die designing, making capability, electric terminals

Address 11-16, genzau,Hagi‐cho, Toyokawa, Aichi 441-0201 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-56-8113

■Company Outline

Precise stamping press parts supplier that can correspond to extended auto parts such as power train, electronic, and electric related component, etc.
We aim for concurrent engineering in the customers' new product development phase, and satisfy their demand in quality, cost and delivery.

■Main Products


Speciality in a small size, precise stamping press parts with thin materials.

■Core Competence

1) Simultaneous product development with customer by concurrent engineering
2) Leading company of precise stamping press with extremely high speed and accuracy (i.e. Stack core consisting of 26 sheets with 2 different kinds of materials and 5 different shapes). It is stacked in the press die automatically at highest process speed in the world.
3) Integrated production manufacturer from prototype development, die designing, die making to mass production including maintenance.