Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 405 Manufacture of transportation equipment


A manufacturer of small machined and grind precision components mainly for motor vehicles

Address 26-3  Uchihama, Mizuho, Nagoya, Aichi 467-0853 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-811-1171

■Company Outline

Under the motto: “The development of a company starts with the development of human resources,” AVEX trains engineers who can machine and grind components on a micron scale. Their high skills enable us to operate an integrated system to produce everything from prototypes to mass-produced products. In fiscal 2006, we were selected as one of the “A Selection of 300 of Japan's Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs”.

■Main Products


Hydraulic control valves for automotive automatic transmission systems require extremely high precision to ensure their accurate sliding movement in the systems. The valve outer diameter tolerance must be within just +/-0.0008 mm.
The smooth acceleration and deceleration of automatic cars depends on our technologies embodied in these valves that are almost the same size as a finger.

■Core Competence

The combination of conventional and new technologies for optimal process design
Our flexible business approach allows us to introduce the latest technology through cooperation between the government, industry and academia while passing on to our younger workers our technical skills accumulated over almost 60 years in business. Focusing on what is best for our customers, we create the optimal production process to provide various values.
Today, our main product?the hydraulic control valve?is installed on 8 percent of automatic automobiles worldwide. Our activities attract the attention of automobile manufacturers in Japan and around the world. In fiscal 2006, we were selected as one of the “A Selection of 300 of Japan's Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs” by Japan’s Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry.
AVEX will continue to improve its machining and grinding techniques to use materials that are difficult to machine, provide higher machining accuracy, and attract new customers.