Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0044 Manufacture of textile mill products

TBR Co., Ltd.

A braided rope manufacturer also involved in river purification systems and hydroponic

Address 4-63 Odabuchi, Toyokawa, Aichi 442-0844 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-88-2171

■Company Outline

TBR has developed woven rope with Japanese traditional technology and advanced into various fields such as fishery, agriculture, leisure and interior decoration. In addition, Biocord® (cord contact filtration material) is used in purification of rivers and lakes, and TBR is currently focusing on hydroponics.

■Main Products


■Core Competence

A pioneer company in manufacturing ropes and cords for industrial materials
TBR develops products that contribute to the survival of life on Earth in the 21st century through Japanese traditional techniques. Our business includes the following: functional rope for fishing, cord contact filteration material for improving water quality, waste water purification and reuse, recycling systems, wastewater-free circulating hydroponics systems, soil improvement agricultural materials using micro organisms or enzymes, ocean environment improvement materials, and other materials that mitigate dangers to the entire Earth.

TBR (Top, Best, Rope)
Biocord® (having the highest delivery record of the river purification system in Japan: 300 rivers or more)
Loop cords (having the best performance for scallop farming)
Ropes for train kites (used by Inami Junior High School in Toyohashi, listed in the Guinness Book of Records for 15,585 kites with 7,000 m of kite rope)