Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0205 Manufacture of textile mill products


A leading manufacturer of uniform textiles using dyeing and finishing processing

Address 1 Okudasakai, Inazawa, Aichi 492-8621 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-21-2121

■Company Outline

Sakai Nagoya performs dyeing and finishing processing for textiles used in sports and for various uniforms such as schoolwear (necessary in school life) and occupational uniforms. The company also performs processing for adding required special functions and related bonding processing.

■Main Products

Various uniforms include:
For medical-use (white coats) or for nursingwear
For various service industries such as convenience stores and gas stations
For construction workers
For government, other public offices, and specified enterprises
For Japanese soccer players and supporters
For schoolwear
For athletics
For firefighters
Other uniforms
Sakai Nagoya undertakes textile processing on life materials, industrial materials, and medical materials (automobile interior materials, office chairs, and wall materials, etc.) by using our bonding technology, as well as dyeing/finishing processing and function-adding processing.


■Core Competence

1. Sakai Nagoya is able to add functionality by applying rare low-temperature plasma exposure processing.
2. We have over 500 special-function processing technologies.
3. We hold the top market share in black school uniforms obtained through our black-chromogenic technology.
4. We hold the top market share in medical white coats (except for cotton rich products).
5. We apply nano processing technologies to clothing materials, as a leading company.
6. We have reduced the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 28% as an environment-friendly company, and registered as an Aichi CO2 Emission Reduction Company.
7. We acquired ISO 14001 in 2006.