Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1601 Manufacture of textile mill products


Medical material manufacturer contributing to the health of people by a creative and original product.

Address 203 TAMAIKE-CHO, NISHI-KU, NAGOYOA-CITY, 452-0812, Aichi 452-0812 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-501-2221

■Company Outline

Osaki Medical Corporation, a medical material manufacturer founded in1936, will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the foundation this year.The company particularly manufactures and sell sanitary materials as like medical cotton, related products in obstetric and nursing care.

■Main Products

■Gauze products

■Absorption cotton products

■Surgical products

■Orthopedic products

■Bandage products

■Nursing and caring products

■Obstetrics and Gynecological products

■Core Competence

The company consistently places importance in "creativity and originality" as the professional of medical supplies since the company establishment.
We will keep on making an effort for developing highly unique product and keeping assured quality by developing corporate culture regarding originality as important, so that each employee is conscious and feel a strong sense of responsibility.
"Only one" initiative is the starting point to become a "№ 1".
Our company handles the gauze automatic cutting machine and packaging line for the first in the world.
We believe that thinking without fixed idea, development and improvement of the manufacturing site by free-mind, create a new furture.
Today, our assiduous effort brought us a good result that is holding №1 share among all the medical gauze, medical cotton and maternity sets in Japan.