Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0145 Manufacture of textile mill products


Japan’s top manufacturer of woolen textiles for women’s wear

Address 1688 Gouchinishi, Sanjo, Ichinomiya, Aichi 494-0003 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-61-1223

■Company Outline

NAKADEN KEORI produces wool fabrics, chemical-synthetic compound fiber textiles, and knit cloth material. With its strategic planning ability, the company deals with various distribution channels and boasts one of the largest manufacturing capacities in the industry. NAKADEN has a joint-venture worsted spinning mill in China that makes it possible to secure a stable material supply. The company promotes its own brand called “TEXTOR.”

■Main Products


■Core Competence

Textile manufacturer with domestic and global channels for spinning, yarn dyeing, woven materials, and dyeing
For the main wool products, Nakaden Keori has a spinning company in China, jointly established with the Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation. This joint endeavor enables us to procure a stable supply of good quality yarn. For the pre-process of yarn dyeing, our subsidiary company, Takumi Senshoku, carries out the dyeing process on wool, synthetic yarn, and blended yarn. Nakaden Keori and our subcontract companies provide woven materials with 126 innovative weaving machines, taking pride in its top-class productivity in Japan. Our subsidiary company, Takumi Seiri is in charge of the dyeing processing that is the final stage of textile manufacture. Our group has a comprehensive production system from materials to the final processing stage in order to manufacture high quality products. We believe that our strength is such a system that is ready to respond promptly to customer requests.
Plans and proposals of our own brand
As a new product promotion, Nakaden Keori promotes its original brand “TEXTOR” for women and “t?kt” for men in every season.