Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0101 Manufacture of textile mill products


Prominent Japanese manufacture of fine worsted textile, searching for the best quality

Address 1-51 Namiuchi, Kita, Nagoya, Aichi 452-8570 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-919-3180

■Company Outline

MIYUKI KEORI Co., LTD. has been in the worsted textile business for over 100 years committed to providing its customers with high-quality merchandise. Based on carefully selected raw material, the company successfully produces a wide variety of products from yarn to finished cloth in small quantities, and has a vertically integrated manufacturing system that encompasses apparel operations at group companies. This business practice enables the textile manufacture to maintain its competitive advantage.

■Main Products

Miyuki Keori has its own brand "NAPOLENA" and provides the highest quality menswear textiles for custom-made clothing to famous department stores and boutiques.
We have gained customer appraisals for our products including the summer textile "SHALICK" that has the concept of "light, cool and anti-wrinkling" and the "Ibunka Koryu (clothing culture exchange)" series inspired by domestic/international traditional textiles using rare and fine materials.
Moreover, Miyuki Keori also provides high quality textiles for original brand clothes to major apparel companies.

■Core Competence

Supporting clothes with pride by providing textile quality and sense
The best part of custom-made suits is to appreciate the expression of originality.
We take pride in small-lot and various-type production to meet customer needs, and have a system to manufacture a specific textile for one piece of clothing.
For example a unique textile that has a customer’s name woven on the stripe was highly appreciated by the customer.
Furthermore we provide stable and high quality products in compliance with our own quality control criteria.