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Certification No. 0116 Manufacture of textile mill products


Hand knitting wool yarn manufacturer, demonstrating the importance and value of nature

Address 55 Shimoda, Ohibino, Azai, Ichinomiya, Aichi 491-0105 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-51-3113

■Company Outline

EISAKU NORO CO., LTD. has established its own production technologies ranging from materials to products, as well as its own sales network and practices. With its top-class brands of hand knitting wool yarn, “NORO” and “EISAKU NORO,” the company has been expanding its distribution channels in the global market.

■Main Products


"Kureyon" with 100% fine wool (front in the picture)
This is made of wool that is produced on a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean where the environment is very harsh.
"Silk Garden" with the fine wool blended with silk and kid mohair (at the back in the picture)
These high-class hand knitting wool yarns are colorful, light, warm, and can change appearance depending on the knitting methods. These products can be appreciated by customers with various knitting abilities.

■Core Competence

Artistic handmade wool yarns that have taken off around the world

The motto behind our products (NORO wool yarns) is “to spin by hand, and to use a machine only as a reinforcer.” The handmade NORO wool yarn is produced by skilled craftsmen. They measure the colorfully dyed raw wool by hand, feel the wool when arranging, and spin it slowly using elaborate and improved facilities.
The gradation of different colors that appear in one thread is like a painting. The original use of colors unique to Japan has been loved by people in over 20 different countries around the world, and it will surely continue to expand.