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Certification No. 416 Manufacture of iron and steel


Toyokin is a company that recycles waste metal products and safely disposes of discarded vehicles for reuse by society

Address 3-33 Kounosu, Toyota, Aichi 471-0836 JAPAN
Tel +81-565-28-2222

■Company Outline

TOYOKIN CO., LTD. recycles waste metal products and safely disposes of discarded vehicles. As a leading recycling service provider that supports Japanese industry, we are committed to helping create a recycling society by developing a microorganism treatment plant for handling waste engine coolant (LLC) and other systems.

■Main Products

TOYOKIN specializes in manufacturing various casting materials such as fine metal chips by shredding various sizes of scrap metal generated during press working and metal briquettes by pressing metal chips generated during metal working.
In addition, we recycle industrial waste such as producing organic compost by treating food waste with bacteria and removing ethylene glycol contained in waste vehicle engine coolant by treating it with bacteria. TOYOKIN is working on processing waste metal as casting material and developing environment-friendly methods to recycle industrial waste.


Fine metal chips
(Shredded metal chips)


Briquettes (LCB)


Waste engine coolant microorganism treatment plant

■Core Competence

Scrap metal generated in the production of steel plates for automobiles by pressing machines are used as casting materials. However, recently scrap material is being mixed with various kinds of metal chips including those coated with zinc. To produce high-quality casting materials, it is necessary to solve the problems of the diversified metal chips adversely affecting product quality, and zinc-coated metal waste causing inefficient melting and damage to the melting unit. At TOYOKIN, we examine scrap metal with X-ray and emission spectrometry techniques to thoroughly sort and store the metals according to their materials. In addition, we have developed a vacuum dezincification technology to remove zinc coating from scrap surfaces. We are the only company in Japan to have an industrially-operated facility employing this technology to provide casting materials that meet the needs of our customers.