Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 304 Manufacture of iron and steel


Leading manufacturer specialized in large-diameter, thin-walled pipes of stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium

Address 48 Tenma, Hirao, Toyokawa, Aichi 442-0863 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-88-4151

■Company Outline

SHINNICHI KOGYO uses its original and advanced plasticity/welding technologies to manufacture large-diameter, thin-walled precision pipes of stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium, which demonstrate excellent workability. These products boast high shares in the automobile, home electric appliance and other markets. With a joint venture established in the United States, the company is developing its operations on a global basis.

■Main Products

Automobiles/truck related products
Catalytic converter cases and shells for sub-mufflers, sport mufflers, tail pipe for mufflers, truck mufflers, DPF, automotive structural materials, roll bars
Motorcycles related products
Catalytic converter protective tubes, silencers, front fork covers
Electrical products
External cases for air conditioner/refrigerator/vending machine compressors, accumulators
Construction/civil engineering equipment
Ready-mixed concrete transport pipes for Boom Cars, frame air horn mufflers for construction equipment, temporary plumbing materials for construction
Shooter tubes for combined rice centers, store shutter winding cores, stainless gutters, pluming pipes for plants, titanium/stainless pipes for external cylinders of underwater pumps

■Core Competence

Shinnichi Kogyo has core technologies in large-diameter, thin-walled pipes including outstanding plasticity/welding technology and cutting-related technology. We excel at manufacturing special sized pipes that go beyond JIS standards requirements. Such pipes can only be produced at Shinnichi Kogyo. Furthermore, our pipes with top-class workability are widely used for automobile/truck/motorcycle products in first-class automobile companies in Japan and overseas, contributing to technological innovation (energy conservation, resource conservation, implementation of environmental measures, cost reduction) in the automobile parts industry especially for exhaust parts manufacturers. As compressor external cylinders, pipes with improved internal diameter precision with post-formation hold a large market share for large consumer-electronics manufacturers. Shinnichi Kogyo is also able to realize speedy simultaneous launches in Japan and America, in cooperation with American subsidiaries.