Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 235 Manufacture of rubber products


R&D based manufacturer of sound insulators, dampers, reinforcement, and sealants for automobiles

Address 1-5 Numa, Kitaohmi, Inazawa, Aichi 492-8547 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-36-5781

■Company Outline

Iida Industry develops rubber foaming technology and develops/manufactures sound insulators, dampers, stiffener, and sealants that ensure the amenity and safety of automobiles. The “OROTEX” brand has won the confidence of automobile manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Iida Industry also develops and manufactures shake-proof rubber products.

■Main Products

Sound insulators Dampers Stiffener Adhesives
Shock absorbers Shake-proof rubber materials
235_s01.jpgSound insulators


235_s03.jpgShock absorbers

235_s04.jpgShake-proof rubber

■Core Competence

Material development for sound insulators/dampers/reinforcement, and effective analysis
Automobiles Department
Iida Industry has approximately 100% of the market share in rubber-based sound insulators used in automobile body frames for domestic automobile companies. The excellent sound absorbing characteristic is highly recognized. To meet the various needs of automobile companies, we provide sound insulators with damping effect and reinforceability by extending material use from rubber to resin.
We propose effective use of our products to our customers by using our effective analyzing technology as well as advanced material development and design, gaining high appraisal.
General Department
Iida Industry has commercialized various products using polyurethane materials, including cushions, Shake-proof rubber materials, and zabuton (Japanese-style cushions).