Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 126 Manufacture of production equipment


Specialized manufacturer of molds for automobile interior components, diversifying into related business fields including bumper recycling

Address 4-8-2 Onda, Kariya, Aichi 448-0013 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-21-1117

■Company Outline

As an R&D based company that actively promotes creative business operations, WAKO GIKEN KOGYO is engaged in designing and producing automobile interior molds, as well as developing mold manufacturing systems. In addition, the company works on carbide tools, machinery parts, and resin recycling.

■Main Products


Solid design (3D)


Mold for cylinder cowling


Parts of specialized machines

Focusing on molds essential for manufacturing products
Wako Giken Kogyo is devoted to the creation of fine products that meet customer needs

■Core Competence

Design and manufacture of various large molds for automobile interior components
Wako Giken Kogyo is equipped with an impetus/organizational structure specialized in small-lot/various-type production, with large facilities, and product manufacturing using patent technology. Moreover, we have been steadily increasing the management foundation based on the division independent accounting system over the last few years by stabilizing the management system with diversified business.
Wako Giken has been developing new original technologies through established collaboration with our clients and subsidiary companies. Based on the developmental information of each area, we have been promoting the establishment of new structures and methods. The trust relationship built up through joint application for patents has also served as powerful encouragement.