Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 211 Manufacture of production equipment


A manufacturer of peripheral units for printing machines whose high precision ink fountains hold a large market share

Address 65-1 Orizushinmachi, Inazawa, Aichi 492-8066 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-32-1105

■Company Outline

TOSHIHARA develops peripheral units for printing machines, including ink fountains, which largely determine the quality of offset printing machines. With its market share exceeding 50% in high precision ink fountains, the company is highly recognized by many printing machine manufacturers.

■Main Products

Printing machines and related peripheral units
・Design/development and manufacture of ink fountains
・Design/development and manufacture of ink agitators and ink supply equipment
・Manufacture of ink rail equipment
・Manufacture of ink unit equipment
・Manufacture of printing machines for cardboards
・Manufacture of slitter scorer equipment for cardboard

■Core Competence

High precision control of ink film thickness is necessary to perform high quality printing using offset printing machines (including rotary presses and sheet-fed presses). Our original high precision ink fountains automatically control ink flow by an ultra filmy unit, widely used and highly recognized by domestic/international printing machine manufacturers.
We also provide ink fountains for printing machines in a variety of sizes to meet customer needs, which are in wide use.
Peripheral units including ink agitators have been developed and combined with ink fountains to contribute to the printing machine industry.