Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 016 Manufacture of production equipment

Tokai Kiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Aims to be a comprehensive manufacturer of tatami (Japanese straw mats) making machines and welfare equipment by applying the top tatami-related technologies to the welfare field

Address 73 Nagata, Ubukuji,kitanagoya, Aichi 481-0035 JAPAN
Tel +81-56-868-7111

■Company Outline

In 1990, Tokai Kiki entered the nursing and welfare field, and has since been producing cleaning/disinfectant/drying equipment for hospital beds and wheel chairs.

■Main Products


Tatami making machines
Tokai Kiki has been contributing to human resource conservation, cost reduction, and quality improvement through the development of manufacturing facilities to automate tatami-making processes.


Tokai Kiki has developed new tatami products including "Denim Floor," "Washable Tatami - Kirari," "Uplifting Tatami - Urara," "Japanese Room Shichi-henge,""High-rebound and Shock-absorption Tatami - Fuwafuwa," and "Tatami Storage Unit - Rakuza." We encourage a new Japanese style and create new markets.


Welfare equipment
Tokai Kiki has acquired a license to manufacture medical equipment and has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing cleaning products such as mattress sterilizers, mattress washing/dewatering machines, and wheel chair washers/sterilizers.

■Core Competence

Tokai Kiki creates “comfort” using its sterilizing and cleaning technologies developed from the technologies of tatami making machines (“sew,” “cut,” “dry”) that have been achieved over the years.

Environmental improvement products such as bed sterilizers use human-friendly and environment-friendly chemicals. Our products support a comfortable and clean environment for both doctors and patients, as well as contributing to infection prevention and control.