Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 025 Manufacture of production equipment

Tipton Corp.

A top manufacturer dedicated to barrel finishing with the top share in Japan

Address 3-19-21 Toyoda, Minami, Nagoya, Aichi 457-8566 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-692-6666

■Company Outline

Tipton is a finishing specialty company. They manufacture finishing machines, finishing media, and compounds and have the top share in barrel finishing in Japan. They accurately explain the finishing conditions that best suit the characteristics of workpieces of their customers. Tipton has just constructed a new factory, and the renovation of their management and operations is in progress.

■Main Products

Tipton Corp has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing the following products.
Barrel finishing machines and related equipment
Barrel finishing media
Compounds for barrel finishing
Brushing machines
Grinding wheels
Food coating machines
Catalyst carriers for petrochemical




■Core Competence

Tipton Corp develops, manufactures, and distributes barrel finishing equipment, providing lineups for three core items (barrel finishing machines, finishing media, and compounds). Tipton Corp is a top manufacturer in the industry with a wide range of products.
In the barrel finishing industry, it is the custom to first establish conditions (selecting a combination of finishing machines, finishing media, and
compounds) depending on the characteristics of the processing item in order to provide products to customers. Tipton Corp. has abundant “know-how” of finishing through its broad experience. Therefore, when we receive such an inquiry as “Can you finish this particular item?” by a customer, we are able to select the best product from our wide range of lineups based on our extensive know-how. We are also able to provide complete service from products to delivery.