Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 435 Manufacture of production equipment


Precision machining of components for a wide range of systems including machine tools, aircraft, and Shinkansen bullet trains

Address 3-459 Ematsu, Nakagawa, Nagoya, Aichi 454-0954 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-303-3347

■Company Outline

TEKNIA CO., LTD. specializes in precision machining for machine tools, aircraft, Shinkansen bullet trains, and their systems. We work with customers on their product design and material selection based on our technical know-how and expertise to more quickly provide products at lower prices. TEKNIA College, our technical training center where highly experienced technicians pass down their skills to younger workers, is open to staff from other manufacturers, a policy which attracts considerable attention.

■Main Products

In our OEM services for machine tool components, we produce not only medium-size products in medium quantities, but also a broad range of products in small quantities. Based on our precision machining techniques, we are engaged in the entire operation from material selection to finished product. For instance, since we started OEM services for machine tool spindles, the main component of machining systems which rotates at up to 15,000 rpm, we have assembled 4,000 units that are highly valued for their quality. Additionally, we manufacture tool bits for KM and BT shank-mounted machine tools.
We were originally asked to produce components for the aircraft by using a lost wax mold provided by Boeing. However, our value analysis suggested that our machining technology would reduce the cost, and so the company gladly accepted the suggestion. In the area of aircraft, we manufacture components for the Boeing 777, while for ever faster and lighter Shinkansen bullet trains, we provide 3D machining and steel casting.

■Core Competence

Our comprehensive machining capabilities combine “hard” and “soft” aspects: machineries and equipment, with skilled machine operators and technical expertise. With more than 100 machines from small to large devices, we have an integrated precision machining system for the material selection, machining process design, machining, machining control, and quality assurance to meet customers’ engineering drawings.
As a machining service supplier for various leading industries, including the machine tool, aircraft, embroidery machine, and motor vehicle industries, we have been accumulating knowledge and skills through many years of experience.
To provide optimum solutions to reduce cost, based on our accumulated technical expertise, we work together with customers from the design stage of their product development, offering a wide range of consultations, ranging from material selection, machining, thermal treatment, and surface finishing. We help customers to create successful products from various aspects by leveraging our advantages in cost, procurement flexibility, machining capability, and technical application.