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Certification No. 1301 Manufacture of production equipment

Sakai Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Inovative manufacting company of shaft coupling and variable speed transmission for industrial machines

Address 15 Nakafuka, Noda-Cho, Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya-Shi 464-0817 , Aichi 453-0858 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-411-5131

■Company Outline

Sakai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing variable speed transmissions and shaft couplings. Since our company was founded in 1950, we have been developing and producing variable speed transmissions designed for food and packing machines, construction machines and so on. From 1986, we have been developing and producing shaft coupling based on our variable speed transmission's experience and intellectual properties. These couplings have acquired good reputation and reliability in robots, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing and electronic-chip placers industry.

■Main Products

Sakai belt type variable transmission T series smoothly and continuously control motor's rotation speed by their two sets of pulleys. T series is excellent in efficiency, reliability and durability, and is used in food business machinery such as mixer as well as fryer , and in environment related machines such as sludge treatment equipment as well as oil fence winder.

Sakai shaft coupling series is excellent in flexibility, high rigidity and low inertia and in accurately transmitting controlled motion of servo motor to machine such as ball screw. These couplings are used for automatic positioning equipments such as robots, electronic parts surface mounting machines, semiconductor exposure apparatuses and machine tools that require high speed, high torque and high accuracy.

■Core Competence

Sakai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. became the first company in Japan to develop non- maintenance required belt type variable speed transmissions which utilize anti frettig corrosion system. Based on this technology and know-how of power transmission, we developed a new type shaft coupling, which had high rigidity and low support reaction force, gained a favorable reception in robot and semiconductor related equipment industry. We have been continuously supplying these products to various industries for more than 60 years. We especially have strength in accurate transmitting of controlled motors’ motion, and anti fretting corrosion method related to power transmission.