Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1013 Manufacture of production equipment

Sanyo Machine Works, Ltd.

Automated production line manufacturer with Total Engineering: from design to installation

Address 1 Oka, Okimura, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi 481-8540 JAPAN
Tel 81-568-21-1111

■Company Outline

We are an automated production line manufacturer for car basic and body units, home electrical appliance units, and so on. We are especially skillful at automated assembly lines and automated welding lines. We are an independent company; we do not belong to specific groups of companies. We do business with foreign and domestic leading companies.

■Main Products

・Engine Assembly Line
We are especially skillful at automated assembly lines for car engines. We use Friction Rollers for conveyors, which help to make the conveyors have excellent stability and maintenance free. Also, we design special purpose machines, which have both of high productivity and safety for the operators. This is accomplished by experiences and know-how gained by engaging in engine lines for all of Japanese automotive manufacturers for many years.
Other than engine assembly lines, we also manufacture transmission assembly lines, car body welding lines, compressor assembly lines for air conditioner, and so on.

Engine Assembly Line
3D-CAD Drawing

■Core Competence

We offer Total Engineering, which means we can engage in all of the process of manufacturing on our own: concept, mechanical design, control design and electrical work, machining, assembling, and installation. In the production equipment business, only we can offer this Total Engineering in Tokai area, and only three companies can do that in Japan.
We do not belong to any specific groups of companies, and we have sold our products to all of the Japanese automotive manufacturers and leading car manufacturers in overseas. The know-how accomplished by experiences with those various customers is our big advantage other companies do not have. Especially, we have accomplished to install Nut Runner to automated production system for the first time in Japan.
We have opened the first branch in North America in 1983, when even the main automotive manufacturers of Japan had not yet to expand, not to mention other Japanese equipment manufacturers. This represents our company style: Do what other companies do not.