Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 914 Manufacture of production equipment


OMI is Cutting tool manufacture which developing more convenient tools for customer's satisfaction.

Address 27-7 Shinmei , Anjo, Aichi, 446-8588 Japan, Aichi 446-0019 JAPAN
Tel +81 566 75 8117

■Company Outline

OMI Kogyo CO.,LTD was founded on March 1930. OMI produces cutting tools for general purpose and high precision. Major products for general purpose is Hole cutters, carbide tip hole cutter was the first in the industry, and for high precision is V drill which has a patent in Japan and used in automobile industry and aviation industry.

■Main Products

(1)General-purpose Cutting Tool(Hole cutter(bimetal, carbide, diamond)/Chip saws/woodworking tools (HSS, carbide, diamond)/stepped drill)
(2)High-precision Cutting Tools(drill/reamer/end mill/drill reamer/PCD, CBN tools/a variety of coating tools/design and manufacture for specialized tools)
(3)Small equipment, tools, peripheral devices, and environmental equipment(Shimale/Gusset Ace/Mist collector(Collecting dust as well)/Flatter(Magnet drill)/Shotter/other small machine(cutter))
(4)Tooling Jigs(Design and production of Jig/production of special boring tools/sales of hydraulic clamp equipment and tools/offering of MC tooling layout designing, MC setup, and debugging services)
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■Core Competence

OMI is developing cutting tools for customer's convenience and satisfaction from Automobile industry to home workshop tools
(1)OMI developed and sold carbide tipped hole cutter for the first time in Japan
(2)Special edge with patent for V drill could make drill reamer popular for multi drill application
(3)OMI developed patented cutting tools for Gas pipe joint parts with Gas company
(4)OMI has some another patents in special process