Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 148 Manufacture of production equipment


Development-based manufacturer of compact agricultural machinery, now expanding into the conveyor and packaging equipment markets

Address 265 Gonaka, Nakajima, Oharu, Aichi 490-1145 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-444-2525

■Company Outline

As a specialized manufacturer of compact agricultural machines, OTAKE AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has developed paddy field tilling equipment, impeller-type rice huskers, rice huskers and milling machines, and other unique products since its foundation. Today, the company focuses on conveyor and packaging equipment based on accumulated know-how.

■Main Products


Rice husker


Vehicle-type paddy separator


Packing machine

■Core Competence

As a development-based manufacturer, Otake Agricultural Machinery has been producing and distributing unique and innovative products for 97 years.
In the agricultural machinery division, we manufacture and distribute rice huskers called “impeller style” developed in-house, distinguishing ourselves from other companies. We also pioneered paddy separators used at the time for drainage of pond water. We have been developing, manufacturing, and distributing vehicle-type paddy separators that alleviate the workload for elderly farmers and workers.
In the equipment division, we have been manufacturing and distributing carrier conveyors using our technological know-how of agricultural machines, cooperating with other companies, developing new methods, and exchanging technologies with the agricultural machinery division. We have also been addressing environmental issues and we started planning, developing, manufacturing, and distributing optimal packing machines a few years ago.