Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 320 Manufacture of production equipment


A manufacturer that develops optical 3D measuring instruments, pipe benders, etc. with core technologies that function as the eyes, brain, muscles and skeleton

Address 3-24 Akatsuki, Seto, Aichi 489-8645 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-48-3382

■Company Outline

OPTON uses four core technologies (3D optics, computer numerical control, driving source and mechanics) to develop optical 3D measuring instruments, CNC pipe benders and hydraulic servo pumps. Today, the company is working on short delivery time and cost reduction through product standardization.

■Main Products

CNC Pipe bender series
Non-contact 3D measuring device series
DDV hydraulic servo pump series
Hydroformer series by hammering technology
NC Control machines and control system software

■Core Competence

4 core technologies and original products with approximately 100 patents

Since its founding in 1963, OPTON has developed CNC pipe benders, ECO-type hydraulic control NC servo pumps, hammering hydroformers, CNC devices and more than 1,000 types of components for software. OPTON has also succeeded in developing optical measuring devices such as non-contact 3D measuring devices with patents and exceptional know-how.
Since 2004, we have been working on standardizing these products, reorganizing the company, and reducing lead time with an inventory-based sales system. Currently, we ensure quick delivery, within one month, for all kinds of standardized machines, leading to growth in both sales and profits in fiscal 2006.