Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 114 Manufacture of production equipment


Die manufacturer providing consultation from the selection of the best special steel materials to the delivery of high-precision machining services

Address 78-1 Tsuruike, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0963 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-67-6701

■Company Outline

NAGOYA TOKUSHUKO provides consulting on material selection, utilizing the capabilities of a special steel trading company. The company also offers die products with fast delivery times and at low costs, based on an integrated production system handling design, machining, assembling, finishing, and trial services. NAGOYA TOKUSHUKO excels at auto parts forging dies and sinter forging dies, dealing with high-precision machining operations at the micron level.

■Main Products

Hot/warm/cold forging die
Rolling molds
Forging dies and sinter forging dies
Die casting molds
Press molds

■Core Competence

Nagoya Tokushuko is able to conduct precise mold processing based on each feature of the material.
Our strength is to provide total solutions (from material selection to actual processing) to customer demand (cost reduction, productivity increase, shorter delivery time, new product development, etc), based on our knowledge of special steel materials and mold design/processing.
(Material proposals)
With our long-term experience as a special steel material company, Nagoya Tokushuko selects the optimal material that meets customer needs from various special steel materials including rare materials and materials with general versatility.
(Mold manufacturing)
Nagoya Tokushuko manufacturers high quality/high value added molds with excellent cost performance by providing a total production system on the selected materials. The total production system involves CAD design based on CAE, processing, assembly, finishing, and trials. (Reduction of defective products by processing simulation, direct cutting of molds, measurement with the three-dimensional measurement tool, trials using multiaxis pressing machines)