Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 606 Manufacture of production equipment

Nagoya Hagata Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of blade molds for precision punching presses for automotive products (interior products, labels, masking) and for various optical films including IT-related products (liquid crystal, solar battery, lithium ion battery).

Address 12 Minamiohori, Higashiitsushiro, Ichinomiya, Aichi 494-0008 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-61-7722

■Company Outline

Nagoya Hagata is a human technology company which uses both high-tech equipment and sophisticated artisan's skills to produce blade molds for precision punching presses. Furthermore, we are highly trusted by our clients for precise product quality and our strict commitment to meeting deadlines.

■Main Products

[1] Precision Thompson type:
Blade molds for press cutting of IT-related products. Cutting of thin film (tens of μ m).
[2] Large film punching molds for optical films:
Blade molds to cut optical films for large flat panels. (measurement against warpage in blade molds; stable cutting with minimum expansion/contraction using specially-ordered blades and high density/strength veneer.)
[3] Blade molds with vacuum-type off-cut treatment:
A System to remove off-cuts from the blade mold without detaching the mold from the press machine.
[4] Both-side punching blade mold:
Efficient blade mold for punching thick resin plates, punching through the product from both sides to flatten the cutting surface.

■Core Competence

[1] Manufacturing technology of blade molds for ultraprecision punching press of high-functional optical films used in large liquid crystal/plasma TVs, car navigation systems, solar batteries, mobile phones.
[2] Industry goodwill, built up for the highly-developed punching assessment system with high-precision servomotor press machine.
[3] Meeting customer demands by implementing a customer questionnaire survey and developing personnel who have been appointed by the Nagoya City Association for Industrial Technology to promote research and development.