Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 113 Manufacture of production equipment


Japan’s No. 1 manufacturer of CAD/CAM wood precutting machines and systems

Address 53 Nakanotsubo, Hanada, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8019 JAPAN
Tel +81-532-31-1251

■Company Outline

MIYAGAWA KOKI has pioneered the development of wood precutting machines (for main components of wooden ) and CAD/CAM wood precutting systems. As a manufacturer company develops both software and hardware products in-house. With an integrated system to provide services from design to after-sales support, MIYAGAWA has the largest market share in Japan.

■Main Products


Processing CAD for wooden house pieces/CAM wood precutting systems
MPS type automatic structural material processing machines
MPE type automatic material processing machines for metal construction methods
MPC type automatic quill material processing machines
MPD type automatic laminated wood processing machines
MP-CAD 2000 type precutting CAD systems


■Core Competence

Miyagawa Koki has been developing precutting machines and computer software since the establishment of its processing concept for precutting wooden house materials in 1975. We developed the first precutting machines, such as the automatic joint processing panel (1976) and the automatic CAD/CAM precutting systems (1985). Miyagawa Koki has further developed systems for new construction methods as a pioneer and manufacturer with top market share. Comprehensive soft and hard systems have also been realized within the company. We have been promoting total services, including design, production, distribution, delivery, and after-sales services, to our customers. As a result, Miyagawa Koki has built strong ties with customers and has earned a reputation as a precutting system specialist. Recently, software in compliance with new laws has been developed and earthquake resistant house structures have been examined. Miyagawa Koki will continue in its efforts to enhance customer satisfaction by maintaining its strength and relationship with customers.