Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 617 Manufacture of production equipment

Masuda Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

MASROLL(R) has enabled unprecedented ultimate fluid removal, contributing to industries and the environment.

Address 80-1 Nakanowari, Shinden, Toyoake, Aichi 470-1112 JAPAN, Aichi 470-1112 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-92-1211

■Company Outline

Masuda Seisakusho manufactures the industrial functional roll, the "MASROLL(R)" system, to enable extremely advanced/safe treatment to maximize fluid removal and uniform membrane application. The "MASROLL(R)" system is provided for areas such as fluid removal/drying/application/coating.

■Main Products

Super functional roll "MASROLL(R)" series, Wiper MASROLL, Wiper-blocks, Rod-wipers as well as vacuum generators Ancillary facilities of rolls/wipers such as roll stand system for mass roll system


■Core Competence

Integrated comprehensive system including;
[1] MASROLL(R) technology (patent-protected in Japan, America, Europe, etc. = nonreplicable)
[2] Accumulated MASROLL(R) know-how (undisclosed original technology of internal structure, roll press, and maintenance)
[3] Unique database (abundant operational performance data in a wide range of environments, useful for sales and technical support)
[4] Sales support/technological support/establishment of support network (overseas support enabled by distributors and contracted maintenance factories around the world)