Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 323 Manufacture of production equipment


A cast mold manufacturer working closely with customers, from mold concept design to quality assurance

Address 76-4 Kanayama, Ikegane, Okazaki, Aichi 444-3595 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-48-3584

■Company Outline

MAEDA GIKEN manufactures 800 types of molds (mainly casting mold) every year. Working closely with our customers, we develop the mold design concept, manufacture the mold, produce the prototype, verify the quality of aluminum die cast mold, and maintain the mold during mass production. A mutually technical network of the MAEDA group companies also allows for ensuring quality assurance.

■Main Products

Outer die for greensand
Mold for shell molding
Mold for aluminum gravity casting
Mold for aluminum low-pressure casting
Mold for die casting
High-precision parts and jigs
Trials and inspections

■Core Competence

Developing world’s first “mold for superheated steam casting”
The technology certified by the 1st Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation
The shell mold method has been introduced into Japan for more than 50 years. To overcome this casting method, MAEDA GIKEN has developed to commercialize world’s first, innovative and “establish new casting approach”, molds.
PJ outline
Plan for commercialization from the start (i.e. development)
PJ purpose
By domestic production, establish processing molds with competitive “cost,” “quality,” and “technology,”, which can be survived intensifying price competition in foundry industry.