Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 614 Manufacture of production equipment


A leading manufacturer of labor-saving equipment including die holders for various forging press machines, with the top market share in Japan

Address 4-13 Sanban, Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi 456-0056 JAPAN, Aichi 456-0056 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-651-7138

■Company Outline

Kusunoki Die Holder contributes to human development co-existing with nature through the manufacturing of labor-saving equipment (die holders for various forging press machines, equipment to automate peripheral press machines) by its long-established know-how.

■Main Products

[1] Die holders for various forging press machines: development, design, manufacturing, alteration, overhaul and welding treatment of cracked areas [2] Hammer products: ram/sow block (including welding treatment of cracked areas), ram guide, middle table, cotter [3] Upsetting die: grip die, tool holder, etc. [4] Automated/labor-saving equipment: equipment to provide materials, conveyer, transport trolley, inversion machine, cyclone filtration equipment "the filter dust separator"/trolley for TDF




■Core Competence

We have developed the HPC Die Holder incorporating an oil hydraulic cylinder for the first time in Japan. The HPC Die Holder is a system with highly-improved power saving, labor-saving, space saving, safety, and time saving for exchanging forging press dies. A total of more than 100 lines utilize our HPC Die Holder around the world. Furthermore, we also provide automated transfer equipment such as die change equipment and material feeders, contributing to stable supply of forging products that are crucial automotive parts. Kusunoki is well known in the industry for its die holders for hot forging press machines, and is proud of its high quality products, quick delivery solution, high level of technology, and top market share in Japan.